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Natalie Pai

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Address At four years old, Natalie’s passion for horses and the sport of dressage was ignited. Not only did she watch her mother’s ranch receive yearly breeding awards, but at that time, her mom formed an ongoing connection with Germany’s international rider, coach and trainer Carla Symader. The connection has proved beneficial to the trio, the US Dressage Team, and so many others throughout the years. One day, four-year-old Natalie and Carla’s twelve-year-old son went for a swim in the creek next to Carla’s home. Melanie still chuckles at the memory, “They came out fully covered in mud. At four years old, Natalie was so happy; dirt and mud seemed to make her happy. She’s always been a bit of a tomboy.” Now eighteen years old and dividing her home between Virginia during the summertime to where Canaan Ranch has expanded and Wellington, Florida in the wintertime, Natalie affirmed, “Sometimes this sport makes you so emotional because you love and build a great bond with a horse, and also because there’s so much information and coordination both your brain and body needs to process. It’s important to remind myself, ‘Tomorrow is a new day.’” One day, there’ll be less information to process, but there will always be love for the horse, that bond.”